Posted by: atri | September 29, 2009

Feedback Statistics

Sorry for being so late on this but I finally got around to making pie-charts of your responses to the second feedback form. The results are below the fold. (The text part below is typeset with LaTeX2WP.)

  1. Multiple-choice feedback questions.
    1. The pace of the lectures.
      1. Too fast: I am not getting anything in class.
      2. A bit fast: I get most of the stuff in class.
      3. Perfect: I follow everything just fine.
      4. A bit slow: Sometimes I wish the instructor would speed it up.
      5. Too slow: I need to occupy myself in class with tic-tac-toe.
      6. Other (Specify):


    2. The use of examples in the lectures.
      1. Not enough of them are used in class.
      2. Right about the perfect number of them are used in class.
      3. The examples are too simple to be useful.
      4. Why bother with examples ?
      5. Other (Specify):


    3. Intuition for proofs.
      1. I got no intuition for the proofs.
      2. Sometimes I got the intuition.
      3. I got the intuition most of the times.
      4. All the proofs were intuitive.
      5. Why do you need intuition when you have the proof?
      6. Other (Specify):


    4. Questions from students.
      1. Students are not encouraged to ask questions.
      2. Students are encouraged to ask question but not given enough time to think of one.
      3. It’s all perfect.
      4. The material is very easy: who needs to ask questions ?
      5. Other (Specify):


    5. Questions asked in the class.
      1. The instructor asks irrelevant questions.
      2. The questions asked are too hard.
      3. The questions are fine but I need more time to think before answering them.
      4. It’s perfect.
      5. The questions are so easy, I do not bother answering them.
      6. Other (Specify):


    6. Neighbor talk time.
      1. I hate my neighbor.
      2. It is sometimes useful.
      3. It gives me time to digest what is on the board.
      4. It’s perfect!
      5. Other (Specify):


    7. The instructor.
      1. Mumbles a lot and writes too small.
      2. Speaks clearly but writes too small.
      3. Mumbles a lot but writes fine.
      4. Mumbles a bit and sometimes writes too small.
      5. He’s perfect.
      6. Other (Specify):


    8. The TA.
      1. He is very helpful and available.
      2. He has not always been available.
      3. He has not always been helpful.
      4. I have not felt the need to talk to him.
      5. Other (Specify):


    9. The recitations.
      1. My recitation is too early in the morning.
      2. They have been helpful in clarifying homework questions.
      3. They have been helpful in clarifying lecture questions.
      4. It’s been perfect.
      5. Other(Specify):


    10. The first homework.
      1. What, there is a homework in this course?
      2. I have not looked at it at all.
      3. I glanced through the homework.
      4. I thought about some of the problems.
      5. I am done!
      6. Other (Specify):


    11. If you have looked at the homework, what do you think about the homework?
      1. It’s very hard!
      2. There is a nice gradation of hardness of the problems.
      3. It’s all too easy!
      4. Other (Specify):


    12. If you have started working on the homework, are you collaborating?
      1. What, we can collaborate on homeworks?
      2. I collaborated on one problem.
      3. I am collaborating on the two problems it is allowed.
      4. Meh, I am going solo.
      5. Other (Specify):


    13. The bigger picture.
      1. I have no idea what are the big goals we are after.
      2. I have them in my mind when I come into class but get lost in the proof details.
      3. I have the bigger goals in my mind sometimes.
      4. Yes, they are imprinted in my brain.
      5. Other (Specify):


    14. The course blog.
      1. I do not find it useful at all.
      2. A course newsgroup would have been just as fine/better.
      3. I do see some benefits.
      4. It’s a great idea.
      5. Other (Specify):


    15. Expectations for Blog posts.
      1. It is not clear at all what is expected of us.
      2. I have a hazy idea of what we are supposed to do.
      3. I’ll figure it out from the folks who went before me.
      4. Yep, I know what I am doing.
      5. Other (Specify):


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