Posted by: jeff | October 23, 2009

HW 4 Grades

You should have received your HW 4 papers back today in lecture.  Here’s how the grades turned out:

  • Average: 50
  • Median: 50

This is a slight decrease from the last one, but still an improvement over the first few.  However, the range of grades is still very wide: 20’s to 90’s. This indicates that some of you are really understanding the course material, some of you are understanding very little, but most of you are somewhere in between.  I’d say that one of the big things holding back the students on the low end here is that they are still not following the grading rubric.  For those people, all I can say is that if you simply follow the rubric, you will improve your grade dramatically.  I hate to see you throwing away huge blocks of points for not writing an algorithm idea, or a proof idea, or analyzing the runtime, but I grade according to the rubric, and consequently, you need to format your homework papers to match the rubric if you want to do well.  I’m in the process of grading HW 5, let’s hope those are better.  But for next week’s HW 6, you can improve your performance by following the rubric.


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