Posted by: atri | October 29, 2009

Change in neighbor talk time format

Update (Oct 30): To add “teeth” to this group idea, at least once a week during the lectures, I will ask a group leader to come up to the board and finish something. These won’t be hard questions at all: just something that should be easily doable if you are paying attention in the class. (Members of the group can help the group leader if he/she is stuck.) From now on you can form groups of size at most 6.

Update 2 (Oct 30): An important point that I forgot to mention earlier. The hope behind this group business is that you will meet with your group outside the class if you want to discuss homework problems and/or just the material covered in class.

Thanks for today’s feedback– it was very helpful! I’ll have a more detailed post on the feedback later this week but I wanted to announce one change based on one of your suggestions. (There might be another big one coming out by tomorrow, so be on the lookout.)

I guess most of you are not utilizing the neighbor talk time and it might be useful to form groups. So this is what we are doing to do form now on.

Before the class on Friday, form a group (of size at most 4). You can change your group from lecture to lecture but all the group members should sit next to each other in the lecture. Every group will have a group leader (who can again change from lecture to lecture). The group leader will be responsible for asking questions and giving answers. The hope is that this structure will help the student who are shy about asking question even after talking to their neighbors.

Of course, if you want to ask a question, feel free to do so: you do not have to go through your group leader.

We will try this new strategy for a few weeks and see how it works.

Thanks again to whoever made the suggestion!

If you have any questions or any further suggestions to improve this group talk time format, please use the comments section.


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