Posted by: jeff | November 1, 2009

HW 5 Grades

Here are the stats for the HW 5 grades:

  • Average: 63
  • Median: 65

This is definitely an improvement, which I hope is not strictly due to there being only two questions on this assignment.  I did see a dramatic improvement in the quality of most answers, and many more of you are following the rubric.  However, an awful lot of you didn’t even attempt the second question.  I know the last (20 pt)  question on these homeworks is designed to challenge you a little bit more, but not even trying to answer it is not the way to go.  Even incorrect answers can be rewarded with some partial credit if you demonstrate that you thought about the question and made an attempt. To quote Wayne Gretzky, “you miss 100% of the shots you never take”.  Overall, though, this homework was a definite improvement.  Let’s keep things going in this direction.


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