Posted by: atri | November 7, 2009

If you have the flu

(Sorry, should have posted this/mentioned it in class earlier. This will remain sticky till the end of the week. –Atri)

Please stay home till you get better (it is recommended that you stay put for at least 24 hours after you are free of fever or signs of fever without use of fever-reducing medicines).  If you cannot submit your homework on time, contact me before the homework is due and we will work out something. (Note: Emailing me and Jeff your homework is perfectly acceptable– just do it before the deadline, if possible.) Missing classes without informing me is fine but you should make sure you know about when the homework is handed out/is due etc. (Just follow the blog– you’ll be on top of everything.)

Please note that if you contact me after an assignment is due, I most probably will not be able to accommodate your request. So in short, please do not force yourself to come to school because of 331 but you need to give me prior notice.

For more information, please see this webpage.


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