Posted by: jeff | November 10, 2009

HW 6 Grades

Here are the statistics from the homework you should have received back in lecture today:

  • Average: 55
  • Median: 58

This is a bit of a drop from the last one (HW 5), but it’s still an improvement over some of the grades from the beginning of the semester.  Some students are still not following the rubric…I can’t stress this enough, not following the rubric closely will prevent you from doing well on any of these assignments.

Some students also seem to still be unclear about how to write the “Ideas” portions of the answers.  When you write your algorithm ideas or proof ideas, please don’t just restate the question, such as “We will prove that blah blah blah is true.” You need to explain HOW you intend to set up the algorithm or do the proof.  So if you’re going to prove directly, say so, and explain what theorems you will use to come to that logical conclusion.  If you’re going to prove by contradiction, explain what contradiction you will find.  If you are going to use induction, say what variable or parameter you will induct on.  In general, for either algorithm or proof ideas, just explain what you are about to do, in plain english, providing enough detail so that your “Ideas” section, by itself, would explain to any reader the main ideas of the algorithm or proof that is about to follow. When in doubt, add more details, but keep it in plain language.  At worst, your extra details will help me to better understand your actual algorithm or proof.  That same rule goes for the algorithms and proofs themselves…more details (implementation details for the algo, logical details for proofs) will never work against you.  If you have questions about what you’re supposed to write in any section of your answers, don’t hesitate to ask.


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