Posted by: jeff | December 4, 2009

HW 8 Grades

The statistics for this assignment are a good sized drop from the previous homework:

  • Average: 56
  • Median: 56

Many of you did pretty well on the first question, but did not do very well at answering the second question.  Both parts of Q1 were T/F with justification, which is a question type which is important to be able to do effectively.  However, in preparing for the final exam, you’ll also want to be comfortable developing your own algorithms or modifying existing ones to tackle problems you have not seen before.  This is where I see many of you struggling on the homeworks, and without some serious time investment on your part, I can see this holding many of you back from the scores you would like to be getting on the final.  Part of the difficulty in full algorithm questions (with ideas, proofs, analysis of run time, etc.) is that many of you have difficulty clearly expressing your ideas.  With many of your answers, I can tell that you “sort-of” know what you’re talking about, but I can’t make any assumptions about what you know, so if your answer isn’t clear, then you aren’t going to receive full credit.  On your last homework, as well as on the final exam, be sure that your answers are clear.  Pretend that the person reading your answer knows absolutely nothing about the problem, so you have to break your answer down completely in order to convince them that your approach is correct and makes sense.  The bottom line is: you should spend some serious time in the coming weeks studying the material for the final, getting comfortable doing whole algorithm problems, and practicing communicating your answers effectively.


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