Posted by: jeff | December 9, 2009

Review Sessions

I did not receive any objections, so I went ahead and scheduled the review sessions.  Both will occur next Monday, 12/14 in Commons Room 9 (the conference room in my office suite).  The two sessions will be 10:30-11:30 AM and 2:30-3:30 PM.  At both sessions, we can review the practice final exam, discuss topics from the course, and go over any old homework assignments or the midterm exam.  Unless you come with specific questions, I will by default be reviewing the practice final.  What you can’t expect from these sessions is for me to re-teach you any topics that you failed to learn the first time…put in the effort to learn and study the material from the course between now and then, and I will help you to get from there to a successful grade on the final exam.  You can feel free to attend both sessions, but there will likely be quite a bit of overlap between the two.  Good luck with your studies in the meantime…see you Monday.



  1. Is there any chance you have copies of the homework solutions that you could bring to the review?

  2. Steve,

    Jeff will be be bringing solutions to all the homeworks to the review session.

    All: If you want solutions, let Jeff know so that he has an idea of how many to bring.

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