Posted by: atri | August 31, 2010

Office hours

First of all, thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form. I’ll have a post on the responses later in the week. In the meantime, our office hours have been decided and here they are:

  1. Monday 2:00-2:50pm Atri
  2. Tuesday 4:00-4:50pm Alex
  3. Wednesday 2:30-3:20pm Jeff
  4. Thursday 4:00-4:50pm Alex
  5. Friday 2:00-2:50pm Atri

We tried to pick the most popular choices but had to make some adjustments to make sure that each one of us had a reasonable number of office hours. Sorry if your preferred choice did not make it through.

The course webpage and the syllabus has been updated with the information above.


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