Posted by: jeff | September 19, 2010

HW2 Q4 Clarification

This is referring to Ch.1 Ex.7, which is the fourth question on HW2.  The diagram and description provided in the book can be a little confusing, so we thought we would provide you with some examples to help illustrate the problem, and what they mean by a valid or invalid switching.  Both of these examples are for 3 inputs and 3 outputs, and have simple connectivity: all inputs reach the outputs in the same order, and all outputs reach the inputs in the same order.  Really important: these are a few simple examples, you must prove the general case; that no matter how many inputs/outputs are in the crossbar, and no matter how they are connected, that you can find a valid switching.

Example 1:

A valid switching.

Example 2:

An invalid switching. The blue and green data streams go through the same junction box where i2 and o3 meet, and the blue and red data streams go through the junction box where i3 and o3 meet.


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