Posted by: atri | October 24, 2010

Temporary post mid term grades

Below is the algorithm using which you can calculate your temporary grade. Please note that this is just for your reference and your final grade might look much different.

If you get an email from me asking you to meet me, please reply to the email ASAP.

In assigning the temporary grade, I have only taken HW 1 to HW 4 and the mid-term score into account. Note that for your final score, we will drop the smallest two HW scores. However, in the calculation below, I took into account all the HW scores. Also your scores for blog post and group leader scribe have not been taken into account as not all of you have finished those parts of the course.

Here is the algorithm:

  • Add up all the scores of HW 1 to HW 4 to obtain a number H. Note that H\le 400.
  • Let M be your mid-term exam score. Note that M\le 100.
  • Now compute your total score (out of a 100) as


Now depending on your score, your temporary letter grade will be as follows:

  • 70-88: A-
  • 61-69: B+
  • 56-60: B
  • 48.5-55: B-
  • 46-48: C+
  • 36-45: C
  • 33-35.5: C-
  • 29-32.5: D+
  • 23-28: D
  • 22 and below: F

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