Posted by: atri | December 6, 2010

New grading policy

Thanks to all of you who write in back with your comments. An overwhelming majority supported the proposed change though there were some of you who had valid reasons for objecting to the change.

In the end I have decided upon the following policy, which I’m pretty sure no one should have any objections to:

  1. I’ll first use the grading policy outlined in the syllabus to determine the grade cut-off points.
  2. Then, for each student individually, I’ll take the maximum of the old policy (25% for mid-term and 40% for finals) and the new policy (65% for the finals) for the exam part and calculate the grade according to the cut-offs determined from Step 1.

In other words, with the above policy, no one’s grade will go down but it’ll give opportunity for those of you who have worked hard since the mid-term to get a better grade.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to use the comments section.


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