Posted by: atri | December 21, 2010

Letter grades

The grade cut-offs have been determined. See the post below to figure out your grade. The letter grade will also be uploaded to UBLearns by midnight tonight (Monday).

I will submit the final letter grades on Thursday, so if you find any inaccuracies in any of your score on UBLearns, please let me know by Wednesday. Unless there is a totaling mistake, we will not entertain any regrading requests on anything except the final exam and HW 10. Again all of these should be done by Wednesday.

Given all your scores (which you can find on UBLearns), here is how you can calculate your grade:

  1. Add up your 8 best homework scores (i.e. drop the lowest two) to get the number \mathrm{H}, which is at most 800. (Note that if you submitted a homework late, then it would be counted as a 0.)
  2. Your midterm score \mathrm{M}, which can be at most a 100. (Do not add the bonus ponits.)
  3. Your final exam score \mathrm{F}, which can be at most a 100. (Do not add the bonus points.)
  4. Compute the exam component of your grade as \mathrm{E}=\max(0.25\times \mathrm{M}+0.4\times\mathrm{F},0.65\times \mathrm{F}).
  5. Your class participation score C, which can be at most a 10 and is the sum of your blog post and group scribe leader part. To see your scores on the latter, check UBLearns.

Your finals score out of a 100 can be computed by the following formula:



Now depending on your score, you letter grade will be as follows:

  • \ge 90: A
  • <90, > 76: A-
  • \le 76, \ge 69: B+
  • < 69, \ge 63.5: B
  • <63.5, \ge 62: B-
  • <62, \ge 53: C+
  • < 53, \ge 42.5: C
  • <42.5, \ge 32.5: C-
  • < 32.5, \ge 26.5: D+
  • < 26.5, \ge 23: D
  • < 23: F

Please don’t come to me and argue about the boundaries: in a few cases the boundaries are clear but in most cases, they had to drawn somewhere.

Have a good break!


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