Posted by: atri | December 23, 2010

Grades and jokes from the final exam

I just submitted the grades for the course.

I had fun teaching 331 this fall: you guys were a very good class. Hope you had (at least some) fun!

Have a great winter break!

Below the fold are some of the jokes from the last question on the final. As always I’m impressed with the “entries.”

  • (Corey Sleve) What do Canadians and binary search have in common? \log{n} logging
  • (Juhwan Song) Is there a greedy algorithm to get an A in the course without doing any work?
  • (Andy Wantuch) There was a Thursday night this semester that I slept. (Homeworks were due on Friday–Atri)
  • (Anonymous) What did the graph say to the tree? You make things so simple.
  • (Anonymous) If you were a BFS tree what would be your occupation? Sumo wrestler, of course!
  • (Jeff Plewak) Time in lectures: O(n)
    Time spent on Hws: O(n!)
    Time it takes to hand in the final exam: O(1)
  • (Alex Reiner) Which algorithm does the wall st. prefer? The greedy one, of course!
  • (Anthony Rocco) Q: Why didn’t Al Gore win the presidential election?
    A: His rythm did not produce an optimal solution
  • (Robert Lathrop) Write an algorithm to get good grades? Ha can’t be done cause this final is impossible.
  • (Ankit Agarwal) While (i!= true)

    print (“Exam too easy”)
    print(“CSE 331 is a piece of cake”)

  • (Brian McLeod) Why do computer scientists always mix up Halloween and Christmas?

    Because Oct 31== Dec 25

  • (Nick McClure) In any stable marriage problem, why do all the men prefer Gail?

    Because Gail’s Shapley.

  • (Anonymous) Why was the CSE 331 student excited to get home after school?

    Because he had signed up for the new TV Dynamic Programming.

  • (Anonymous) Q: What algorithm did Intel use for their floating point divider?

    A: The “life is like a box of chocolates” algorithm.

  • (Chris Fabiano) Haiku:

    Sitting here all day
    Algorithms in my mind
    I wish they were out

  • (Chris Favero) Why did the divide and conquer algorithm always wear mismatched socks?

    It was the closest pair it could find.

  • (John Ferreira) In the worst case, what is the run time of my life?
  • (Alex Fineberg) Oh no Al-gir-ithms
    I can’t count their syll-a-bles
    Meh, back to work then
  • (Anonymous) What did the GS algorithm tell the greedy algoritm?

    Dude, you’re so greedy

  • (Andrew Carland) Why did the algorithm run across the street?

    It’s runtime was quicker than it’s walktime


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