Posted by: atri | September 2, 2011

If you are looking to form a group

but do not know any/many folks in the class, please feel free to write your name and contact information in the comments section.

(Update: Sep 6) I’m making this post sticky for the next week or so.



  1. I do not know many people in here, anybody interested in forming a group?

    • Hey, I don’t know anyone really either. Are you still looking for a group?

      • Yeah I am, where do you usually sit during lecture? If you want, you can text me at (716) 472-9891 before next class and we can meet up to sit together or something

    • I am not in a group either. guys wanna form a group?


      • Yeah that sounds good, I just replied to Laura’s post above with my contact info if you want to meet up before next class to sit together

  2. wanna meet up before the class. give me a call 646-467-0008

  3. Hi, I’m still looking a group, pls mail me.

    • Hi Lineulb, Im interested in forming group. Do u wanna meet up before class on friday?? If so text me, 7166508301. Thank you.


      • Thiru and lineulb, I’m interested in joining a group as well.

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