Posted by: Jesse | October 10, 2011

HW3 Grades

HW3 Stats:

Mean: 75
Median: 80
Standard Deviation: 21

Question 1 was graded by me(Jesse) and questions 2 and 3 were graded by Jiun-Jie. Any questions regarding the grading of a question should be directed at the appropriate TA. If there are any questions, you can come to our office hours, recitations, or email us.

Also, if anyone has a question that they would like answered during a recitation, but don’t want to ask it during class, feel free to email me the question and what recitation you are in and I’ll do my best to cover it that week.  This will help me get a better idea of what you and your classmates are struggling with so I can focus on the material that will benefit you the most.

Good luck on the midterm!


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