Posted by: atri | December 10, 2011

Temp grades uploaded to UBLearns

Sorry for the delay– I finally got around to calculating your pre-final temp grade. The letter grades have been uploaded to UBLearns. Few comments:

  • I dropped your lowest two homeworks from HW 1-9 and then scaled the score to 25 points. To this number I added your mid-term score scaled down to 30 for a total of 55. All the letter grades were assigned based on this raw score.
  • The final exam score is of course not included 🙂 The final exam score can make a lot of difference so this temp grade might be very different  from your final grade in the course. The current grade is just to give you a feel of where you stand currently.
  • I also did not add the extra 5 points for the mid-term that I had promised earlier. I’ll only do that for your final letter grade.
  • Also for the final grade, I will drop the lowest three out of the 10 HWs (as stated in the syllabus).

Good luck for the final exam!


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