Posted by: jiunjiewang | September 14, 2012

HW2 Grading Rubric

1. Not turned in.

2. (40 points)
(22 points) for the algorithm: 11 for algorithm idea, 11 for algorithm. Note that the algorithm idea should follow the same guidelines as a proof idea.

(18 points) for a proof that the algorithm is correct: 9 for proof idea, 9 for proof.

3. (45 pts)
(21 pts) for the correct order: 3 pts for each correctly ordered function (relative to its neighbors) and 3 more points for having them all in order.
(24 pts) for explaining correctness: 4 pts for each.

4. (15 pts)
(4 pts) for explaining the idea behind your algorithm or a reduction to a familiar problem
(3 pts) for providing the specific details of the algorithm or the reduction
(4 pts) for a proof idea that you can always achieve a valid truncation
(4 pts) for providing the proof


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