Posted by: atri | October 9, 2012

Office Hour-a-thon

The mid-term week is coming up and we’ll try to give you guys more support next week.

  1. Unfortunately, I will be out of town next week for a workshop in Germany (though of course the Monday and Wednesday lectures as well as the mid-term will happen as scheduled). In particular, my office hours are canceled for next week. However, I will keep an eye out for piazza and will check it at least once a day. So if you have any question(s) for me, please post on piazza but  do not wait for the last moment. (I’ll try my best to check piazza as often as possible but I cannot make any guarantees other than I would check it at least once every day.)
  2. Zihe will run her recitation on Friday, Oct 19 9-9:50am in Hoch 114 as a review session. Even if you are not signed up for that section, feel free to stop by with your questions.
  3. There will be non-stop office hours on Thursday, Oct 18 from 3-6pm. Zihe will be there from 3-5pm and Jiun-Jie will be there from 5-6pm. (Note that 3-4 is Zihe’s usual office hours.) By default, the office hours will be in the usual place, near Davis 302— if anything changes, Jiun-Jie or Zihe will let you guys know on piazza.

Coming soon: A more detailed post on the mid-term exam.



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