Posted by: atri | October 26, 2012

Temp grades assigned

As promised I have assigned temporary letter grades. With the caveat that things can (and probably will) change from now till the final exam, below the fold are more details. If you have a grade of D+ or below, please make an appointment for 15 mins to come see me between 9:30am and 3:30pm on Tuesday, Oct 30.

Let me start off with another caveat. I did a quick calculation as I wanted to give you guys a feel for where you were after the mid-term, so I added up all the mid-term score. (Note that for the final grade I will drop the three lowest HW score but I did not do that here.)

To compute your grade follow the following algorithm:

  1. Add up all yur HW scores to get a number H (out of a max of 500).
  2. Let M be your mid-term score (out of a max of 100)
  3. Calculate your total (out of a 100): \frac{100}{55}\cdot \left( \frac{5}{100}\cdot H +\frac{3}{10}\cdot M\right)

Now you can compute your  final letter grade by figuring out where your total fits in  the table below

  • A: \ge 90
  • A^-: \ge 70, <90
  • B^+: \ge 60, <70
  • B: \ge 53, <60
  • B^-: \ge 47, < 53
  • C^+: \ge 44, < 47
  • C: \ge 42, < 44
  • C^-: \ge 38, <42
  • D^+: \ge 27, <36
  • D: \ge 20, < 27
  • F: <20

A quick note on how I made up the table: The top median score got a letter grade of C^+ and an A needs at least 90. For every other grade I looked for jumps in the score, which sometimes was small.

For your convenience, I have uploaded your temp score to UBLearns as well.



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