Posted by: atri | November 30, 2012

Homework 10 and Sample final exam

HW10 and a sample final exam have been uploaded.

Few comments:

  • The same final is exactly last year’s final exam. It was I think the hardest final exam over last three years. So the actual final this year should not be harder than this one.
  • As usual, do not use the sample final to glean anything about the coverage of topics: the sample final is just to get your familiar with the format and get an idea of the level of difficulty.
  • As we discussed earlier (and since there seemed to quite a bit of interest), you can submit Q4 on HW as a practice for T/F type questions on the finals. I will grade them and hand them back during exam week (but at least one day before the 331 exam). Also to get the maximum out of this, I would recommend that you simulate the exam situation as well as possible: Time yourself (maybe no more than 50 mins) and do not peek at the questions before you start. A clarification: Q4 is optional. Whether you do it or not will not (directly) affect your grade.

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