Posted by: atri | December 23, 2012

Grades submitted and final jokes

I just submitted the final letter grade on HUB. I’m not sure when you guys can see the letter grade on HUB but just double-check to make sure it matches the one on UBLearns. (I double checked my data entry but it never hurts to check again just in case.)

Below the fold are the jokes from the final exam: enjoy!

I enjoyed having y’all in the class this fall: hope you guys had fun too. Feel free to stop by office to chat in the future if you want. Have a great holiday break!

(In arbitrary order)

  • Cody Boppert
    • Greedy Algorithms
      Not good enough for wall street
      Irony heaven(I actually do not know what kind of algorithms high frequency traders use but I’m assuming less greedy and more dynamic.)
  • Philip Bozak
    • I don’t have time
      to make a rhyme
      I need my best
      on this test
      I need to forget “sublime”
  • Jen Cockrell
    • Runtime nit polynomial?
  • David Fischer
    • My algorithms all suck
      But with a bit of luck
      They won’t be too bad
      And you won’t be mad
      And make me want to say Shucks
  • Remo Fischione
    • A wise man once sais to me,
      “He who writes jokes on exam paper need not, for he has WAAAAAAAY too much time in the exam.”
  • Jim Kortleven
    • There was once a man in this class
      who was stumped right of his ass
      but he plugged right along
      to the tune of this song
      and found in the end he could pass!
  • Ryan Marcellino
    • “This test was easy” — NO one ever
  • Matthew McAuley
    • Why did the chicken cross the road?
      Because he had to take CSE 331. I kid, I kid.
  • Anonymous
    • Use greedy algorithm and not Dijkstra’s to get a good grade in this course.
  • Aleksandra Patrzalek
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 9.36.27 PMDamian Forbes
    • Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 9.37.56 PM
  • Mike Phillips
    • Alootikichaat and the game Hot Potatoes have more in common then you would believe
  • Andrew Shufelt
    • Once upon a time, when Brad Pitt was talking to his group for half a minute… He imagined driving his Prius to an Aloo Tiki Chaat with Atri’s son who asked all the questions. Atri’s son was upset so Brad put on Firefly on the car’s DVD player but then all of a sudden Atri’s son got upset. Brad asked what was wrong and Atri’s son said “I l*st m@ algo b##k.” Brad Pitt didn’t know what Atri’s son said so he deciphered it through divide and conquer techniques. Right as Brad Pitt was going to help look for Atri’s son’s algorithm book, Brad Pitt came back to reality and wished he had an extra half a minute to find the book in his daydream.
  • Paul Theberge
    • Take 331, now that’s news
      Do your work or you will lose
      If you don’t, the class will be hard
      So do your best and play the right cards
      To avoid the end of sem. blues
  • Andrew Webster
    • it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders in this class. But, I can prove that.


  1. I like the first picture with asymptotic times that was awesome…

    • I agree!

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