Posted by: atri | August 30, 2010

WordPress help

If you do not have a wordpress account, you can get one here.

If you have not used wordpress before, you might need a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the process. (Or maybe not..)

Feel free to start a dummy blog and trying out posts. WordPress support can answer almost any question you might have.

(To come: a quick primer on LaTeX for your math formatting needs.)

A good place to start for formatting LaTeX will be the wordpress LaTeX support page.

If you know LaTeX, you can consider using Luca Trevisan‘s  LaTeX to wordpress (html) convertor.

If you do not know LaTeX, this page has pretty much all the information about math symbols that you will need for this course.

Below are some LaTeX code that you might have to use. (If you have a request for something particular, leave a comment and I will include it below.) To be able to display the code, I have added a space between “$” and “latex”– if you remove the space, you will get the displayed math that follows.

  • Subscript: $ latex a_b$ gives a_b
  • Superscript: $ latex a^b$ gives a^b

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